2016 has almost come to an end and on reflection the year was very successful and saw some of my lovely young horses start coming of age. 

Above-Sarah Clark and Starry getting advice from Stuart.

Right- Braving the rain with Nugget O'Reilly 


After the clinic we headed down to the Harden Murrumburrah course in which I am now the new Course Designer for. Myself and my family have had alot to do with the Harden event for over 35 years. In recent times I have helped with putting some fences and combinations in and ordering new fences from OTT jumps and equipment. After doing the Course Designers seminar in Tamworth the week before,  I was able to view the course with a different perspective. With the help of Stuarts course designing experience, we came up with some great ideas for now and in the future for our little Harden course. 

Left- Stuart and I contemplating one of the original jumps, the Sky Jump!! 

Above- Stuart admiring the view and loyal originalmembers Judy Stewart and Dad (Joe Blundell) 

Some more pics from clinic. Above Wayne Humphries and Tommy, Right Princess and I having a wonderful dressage lesson! These wonderful pics from the clinic are taken by Penny Grove and are available on Geo Snap Shot.